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Create your school for changemakers

Do you want to tackle challenges like climate change or social exclusion in your country?

Board on our 6-month replication journey and launch your Ticket for Change!

empowering entrepreneurs in 20 countries

Our replication journey will offer you the complete toolbox and support you need to launch and adapt our model to your country.

save time

Benefit from our 8 years of experience in France, our methodology and good practices

limit the risk

You will be coached, mentored and sponsored to ensure the success of your project

gain credibility

Use the brand of a recognized organization

expand your influence

Co-create an international network of social innovators. Strengthen your leadership!

we Need entrepreneurs

We are looking for ambitious, talented and purpose-driven people with an entrepreneurial mindset.

You are convinced that our work is a powerful lever to solve social and environmental challenges

You have an entrepreneurial mindset and experiences showing a real ability for taking action

You want to build a team and you are willing to surround yourself with mentors, partners, volunteers in this adventure

You want to be full-time dedicated to the project*

You are native from the country and you have extensive connections with the local ecosystem

You have the ability to federate people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ages, to raise enthusiasm, and to build a strong network

we Need partners

We are also looking for people and organizations willing to support in their country the future team of replicators!

It will be key for them to be surrounded by local mentors and experts and we are welcoming everyone ready to give time, share experience and network or contribute to the financing of the local project's start-up.

Your dedicated team

We are your dedicated international development team and we will be happy to guide you at every step of this journey. 

Madeleine and Joséphine, co-founders of Ticket for Change, were key players in the development and success of what it is today. They are now full-time dedicated to international development. 

Anne-Maryse, former beneficiary of Ticket for Change, led HR, finance and impact measurement before joining the international team.

Any questions?

replication timeline

1 month - Q1 2023


Let's discover each other
3 months - Q2 2023


Dive into the game

Take part in a field immersion in France
3-6 months


Confirm the viability of your project
1 year


Officially launch the replication in your country

up and run

Let's develop a global movement together
I want to be part of it
Support the local replications

This first replication journey is made possible thanks to the support of Degroof Petercam Foundation and Entreprendre &+

Application process


Learn more

• Receive the full program and more information about the journey (1 clic)
• Watch a webinar (30 mins)


Check if you are ready

• Participate to a Q&A live session (1 hour)



• Fill the application form (2-3 hours)


Meet the team

• Exchange together around your application and motivation (2 hours)

Ticket for change in france

Ticket for Change is a French school and a movement for changemakers created in 2014. We have helped more than 120 000 people to find their own way to change the world through their work, like

Social and environmental entrepreneurs

We help them create their own purpose-driven organization

Employees in the
impact economy

People in reorientation (students or (un)employed) who want to have an impact-oriented job


Leaders and employees who want to contribute to the social and ecological transition of their organization

examples of our programs and resources

A 6-month incubation program for social entrepreneurs
A 70-Page Manifesto “What Do you Do for A Living ? Your work can make a difference for our society & our planet”
A 7-Week MOOC “Become a social entrepreneur"
(followed in 160 countries)
Learning expeditions for mission-driven companies
Podcasts to find inspiration among social innovators
And many more to discover here

our impact

We regularly measure our impact.
Our main program has been subject of an academic paper
which has proven its impact. Discover the research here.
120 000
people have been reached by our actions
of our alumni work in a profession that contributes to providing solutions to ecological and social issues 
of our alumni’s working time has a positive impact on society after Ticket for Change